Monday, July 19, 2010

Giddy ‘up and ride

It’s cooled off in the city making it the perfect temperature to get out on my bike for a leisurely ride—although leisurely can easily turn into huffing and puffing while cranking it up one of the many hills in the area. 

On Sunday we pumped up the tires on my gold Trek, circa 1998, and rolled off, destination: beach via the easiest route possible. Our route down was pretty breezy as it was mostly down hill and flat terrain. We stopped for snacks and a brew at a local pub before heading back home where the looming 13th street hill awaited us, but we did it and it was all worth while. 

Above is a picture that demonstrates how to bike and smell the flowers. Have you been out on your bike lately?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ode to Summer

It’s hot. It’s bed sheets only, don’t even put your pinky toe near me hot. Summer is here and with it comes tank tops, flip flops, air-dry hair and slow down and take it easy I’m not that hungry but that beer sure looks good, please pass it to me.

 In the midst of this heat I am reminded, flashback style, of summer days of the past. Venturing to the rock quarry with friends to cool off in the watery abyss waiting for night time to come so we could build fires and play music and laugh until the early morning, getting home right before anyone would notice you were gone for so long (hi mom).

Here’s to creating more memories so that we can look back and say those were some great times! And so I tip my glass of froth to you, a summer salute, if you will. Cheers to a great summer for all!
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